it doesn’t get easier, you get better

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
PAX POSTED: hooker, bigfoot, McCormick, Chowdah, Seltzer

PAX showed up on time ready to earn their day. Even had an FNG at the boneyard, welcome McCormick. PAX were told to bring their frog legs, and sure enough they did.


Form Burpees, frog burpees, Peter Parker, Walking Peter Parker, Hammy stretch, Quad stretch, Karaoke, Fire Hydrants, Frog Planks, Good Mornings, frog press

The Thang

45 second Al Gore, followed by 25 squats, followed by a run around the dog park, followed by 25 frog presses. Rinse and repeat and since PAX are notorious for not handling change of instruction very well, the only change made on the 2nd round was a Sumo squat instead of the squat.

Mosquitos were outrageous so we migrated to the side walk. We performed the following:

8 rounds

20 sec AMRAP Merkins

10 sec Frog Plank

20 sec rest

I think this is the point where McCormick spilled Merlot. He crushed it today! YHC said “don’t worry it gets easier” and McCormick quickly responded with “no, you get better” BOOM! That’s right McCormick, keep showing up!

After the PAX recovered from the intense burning in their shoulders we lined up and completed the following

10 Frog Burpees, 20m Lunge, 9 frog burpees, 20m Lunge, …you can figure out the rest. I hope.