Back to school special

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Hitchhiker, Splinter, Apnea
Woke up this morning with the fear of most of our 2.0’s not knowing what was inshore for us in the Gloom. As YHC made it to the District inspiration hit. After a brief disclosure and with no time remaining we were at it once again 5:30
Warm up
Leg stretch right, middle, left, Quads
Windmill 10 ic
Hillbillies 10 ic
Frankenstein 10 ic
Arm circles 10 ic
Seal claps 10 ic
The thang
Mosey to tennis courts
With a first day of school scaring off most PAX there was a bit of an audit to change YHC original plans.
5 exercises were followed by suicides to 4 courts and increasing burpees at each. Each round had 10 burpees and the following
Pax prints to tennis court 1, 1 burpee, sprint back to Start, touch, sprint to court 2, 2 burpees, sprint back to Start, touch, sprint to court 3, 3 burpees, sprint back, to start and then sprint to court 4 for 4 burpees.
After the 4th court come back to start and preform following
10 hand release merkins
20 groiners
30 lbc
40 squats
50 monkey humpers
Repeat 5 total times.
With a few minutes remaining we head back to start. Once we get to start with 4 minutes remaining we do 1 Bruce Lee on your own and plank for the bell. 6:15! Whoo
Prayers to 3 cars that closed off entrance to District this AM with accident. Prayers to Endo and his family after the lightning strike. Prayers to 2.0’s going back to school.