What is wrong with this volleyball?

by | Aug 14, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Tebow
PAX POSTED: DBA, Hitchhiker, Endo, Grouper, Big Papi, Simmons, RubnTug, Polaroid, Anchorman

This 'Top Gun' volleyball homage is the greatest thing 'Hard ...

Quote of the day, “The ball looks like a fat guy trying to fly JetBlue”. -Simmons

In spite of a deformed volleyball whose innards progressively protruded after every point, 10 PAX in total came out to reenact Endo’s favorite scene in cinematic history, the beach volleyball scene from Top Gun.

3 PAX came out for the gloomy 6am BD. How do you play volleyball with only 3 people? The answer is, not well. Also, Volleyball in the dark is generally not recommended but for an F3 BD, it actually worked out just fine.Warm up included SSH, Imperial Franken-Walkers, Windmill, and Tappity tap taps.

Then PAX did a mile long Catch me if you can Burpees all the way from the Boneyard to the Ballantrae volleyball court. The catch was (pun intended) the PAX in front had to pass the Volleyball to the PAX running up to the front. If the ball was dropped, all PAX had to do five Burpees. Realizing this, Hitchhiker intentionally was trying to chuck the ball so that Tebow could not catch it.

Upon reaching the V-ball court, the BD went as follows for both the 6am and 7:30 BD. All games were to 10 points. The 1st game was Burpees. For every point scored on your team, PAX had to do that many Burpees. The 2nd game was BBSU. Similar to the first game but it was X2 per point scored. The 3rd game was Merkins. The BD format was the same as the 2nd game with X2 per point.

For the Mosey back, PAX did Catch me if you can but with 5 Merkins. Same rules applied to the ball being dropped. For the 7:30 group, Grouper got the ball stuck in a tree. By the end, PAX had sand in places they could never have imagined.

COT: Thanks to all the HIM who came together to show support for Endo and his family. We were able to present him with about $1,000 in VISA gift cards to assist with all the expenses from his house being struck by lightning.

TAPS for Belding and Waterboy’s families.