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by | Aug 15, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hitchhiker
PAX POSTED: Grouper, Splinter, Waterboy, Cheeshead, Crypto (FNG)

Somedays beatdowns are well thought out, and some days you wing it. Today was the latter.

Six HIM on a muggy Monday for some fun.


Following exercises in cadence:

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Tempo Squats
  • 10 Frakensteins

Mosey to the park.

The Thang:

You know that circle sidewalk with trees on the inside? There are 12 trees.

Lap 1:

  • Start with 12 merkins, decrease by 1 merkin at every tree
  • Between trees alternate: mosey, walking lunges, bunny hop

Lap 2:

  • Start with 12 squats, decrease by 1 squat at every tree
  • Between trees alternate: mosey, karaoke left side (right worked too), karaoke right side (left is just as good)

Lap 3:

  • Start with 12 Hello Dollys decrease by 1 HD at every tree
  • Between trees alternate: mosey, burpee broad jump (2>3 in this case)

Mosey back to the start, quick sip followed by a Bruce Lee Sandwich:

  • 10 Side Step Ups (HW)
  • 10 Irkins
  • 20 reps from the Bruce Lee
  • Repeat until all six exercises for the BL is done and rest (wall sit!) or 6:15



IronPax is coming, rejoice!


Welcome Crypto!

Prayers for Waterboy’s, Belding’s, Endo’s and Splinter’s loved ones.

Prayers this Urkle ghost who keeps talking but never appears is reanimated soon!