by | Aug 16, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
PAX POSTED: haka, apnea, wilson, seltzer, wang, cheesehead

YHC wanted to stay in the Fartsack but since his brothers of F3 were depending on him, he did the opposite that Urkel does. YHC put on his big boy shorts, brushed his teeth, took a little poo poo and met his brothers at the Boneyard! No better way to earn the day than to spend it suffering with the Nature Coast PAX. 1 FNG today, welcome Wang!


Crab cakes, burps, happy jacks, X-cross situp, Tempo Squat, Descending Ladder from 10…Lunges / Squat

The Thang:

Pax gathered at the end of the field

15 Jump Squats followed by a Sprint / Fast run to the other end of the field by the dog park, run or walk backwards back to the other side. Rinse and Repeat x 4.

50 Rowers

PAX circle up: 2 groups today

group 1: 1 PAX go to the center to perform 5 blockees, all other PAX are doing Mountain climbers. 2 Rounds. then switch with group 2.

group 2: 1 PAX go to the center to perform 5 slam balls, all other PAX are doing SSH. 2 Rounds. then switch with group 1.

Then the following was performed between the lights:

Walking Lunges 30m, 5 Peter Parker, 5 x cross sit-up for 2 min

Lateral plank walk 30m, 5 peter parker, 5 x-cross sit-up for the remainder of time 1-2min

Done. AYG to the “flag” (still need to find out who has it)