Leg Day

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Haka, Seltzer, Bigfoot
It was a warm and muggy morning in the Gloom today as 3 PAX bonded together to overcome the fartsack and post. YHC has Q’ed a few handful of times this year but only once so far at the Boneyard. Getting out of my comfort zone of the District it was time to attack what the Boneyard had to offer.
Being warn out from carrying 90 lbs for 1 mile in the brutal VQ that Splinter made us go through it was time to think of the lower half of our bodies and work on our chicken legs. A Hookers going to do what a Hookers got to do.
5:30 hits and with a quick disclaimer  core principals we are off.
Baby arm circles 10 In Cadence
SSH 15 ic
Windmill 2 second hold 10 ic
Merkin 10 ic
Hillbillies 10 ic
With no Mosey or Burpees guaranteed in the pre blast Q had to hold true to at least one of those claims.
The thang
Small Mosey to soccer field
Step ups 25 Hard Way
Squats 25
Box jumps 10
Irkens 25
Dips 25
Derkins 25
WWI sit-ups 25
LBC 25
Reverse LBC 25
Mosey to hill
Dora partner up. 1st PAX do the exercises while 2nd PAX runs to top of hill down the stairs and back around to 1st PAX. Switch
100 merkins
200 squats
300 monkey humpers
400 LBC’s
With 1000 reps completed in record time PAX mosey along path back to flag. Quick photo op and a sip with a few minutes remaining we circle up for a exercise o-rama 25 reps each.
25 Updowns Bigfoot
25 Squats Haka
25 Mountain Climbers HW Seltzer
4 reps 25 each Monkey Humpers that YHC had thought we may have skipped during the Thang on the Hill. Planck for last 2 minutes and time.
Prayers for Waterboy and his family in the passing of his father. Prayers to Bigfoots mother whom just recently lost her home due to a fire. Prayers to the Seltzers friend that Passed, Drew, whos mother is going through some battles of her own.
Prayers to the Lutz family that lost an 11 year old this past weekend in a tragic Automobile accident.