Meat Head Wednesday at the District

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Water Boy
PAX POSTED: Splinter, Noodle, Hooker, Cheesehead, Apnea and Ladron

6 men came out to get buff with some cinder block weight training on a steamy Wednesday morning at the District.


25 – SSH

15 – TTT

15 – baby arm circles

5 – Burpees

Run around the soccer fields

15 – Step-ups

15 – Erkins

The Thang: Good form required

25 – Block Swings

25 – Clean and Press

Sumo Deadlift – Each Pax completed Sumo Deadlifts as the other PAX ran to comer/entrance. rinsed and repeated until the two PAX. Last two PAX did Sumo Deadlift while the others PAX did LBC to completion.

25 – Tri-Extensions

50 – Arm Curls

25 – Bent over rows

25 – Curl and press

15 – Front Step ups – PAX went around the horn to share what they are grateful for.

10 – Lunges with a block twist


Prayers for all our brothers who are participating and traveling.