Death Crawl and Doracide

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Seltzer
PAX POSTED: Vanellope, Hooker, Chowdah, Grouper, Noodle, Petey, Dillio, Apnea, Pryor (Chicago)

Beautiful morning for a good beat down and welcome to a guest PAX from Chicago, Pryor.

Mosey around the dog park/courts, back to flag
SSH x 15
Windmill x 10
Tappity Taps x 10
Merkin w Peter Parker IC x 10
Recover and head over to the Field of Pain

Upon entering the field all PAX instructed to line up to perform a Death Crawl; bear crawls in single file line with the “6” performing Burpees x 5, once complete run up to the new “6” and tap shoulder informing them to start their Burpees, complete mosey to the front of the line and keep it moving. The death crawl went all the way down and back the entire field before all PAX complete their “6” responsibility.

THA THANG: Doracides
Cones were laid out along the field separated by 20 yards, 3 total cone lines (60 yards).
PAX partnered up for a long treatment of doracides as follows…
1 PAX starts with sprints to the first cone for Burpee x 1, mosey back, sprint to 2nd cone for Burpee x 2, mosey back, sprint to 3rd cone for Burpee x 3, mosey back. Once the doracide is complete the PAX partners switch until they complete the following as a team:
Merkins (hand release) x 100
LBCs x 200
Squat Jumps x 300
Peter Parker (hard way) x 400

YHC had more planned for the morning but the doracides took longer than expected (especially those Peter Parkers the hard way)

CoT: Prayers for our guest from the Chicago area, Pryor, for safe travels home that day.