Block Beat Down in the Brutal Florida Cold

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Dillio
PAX POSTED: Cricket, Seltzer, Rub n tug, smoggy, grouper, Hooker, DBA, Belding, Apnea, Hitchhicker




Tap tap

Side straddle Hop

High knees circle burp

Say what u love best about f3

Grab a block

Rifle carry to traffic circle

Circle ⭕️ up

Mucho chests on the block

30 toe touches hard way

20 thrusters

Hold a plank on the block for 6

Blocks out of the way

Grab a line

Bear crawl around the circle.

Stop at every line and do 3 bear squat

Farmers Cary to the Courts

1 set bruce lee with a block

Get a drink of water

Rifle Carry to the field of pain

Line up on sidewalk

Rifle carry walking lunges 20 easy

Mark the line with Flashlight (winner goes the furthest)

All Move to the furthest line

Murder bunny back


25 woodchuck left leg

Murder bunny to light

25 woodchuck right leg

Murder bunny back

30 Curls

Murder bunny

30 Squats with block

Murder bunny back

Farmer carry to dock

10 x Hold block on right hand

Step up on the left leg

10 X center stepup with block

Left hand right step

Repete 3 times

Rifle to incline and walking lunges and walk down the stairs

Find the wall and wall sit with brick for 7 counts per pax.

Rifle/farmer back to courts

We done 6:15!

Count off

Circle of trust