Fast & Furious

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper
PAX POSTED: Haka, Chowdah, Seltzer, Hooker, Grouper

Comfortable 68 degree morning at The Boneyard with 5 PAX in attendance and ready to get to work. As the mumble chatter ensued, YHC learned that 4 of the 5 PAX had been fasting. Somehow missing the memo, I had to do something fast of my own like Ricky Bobby.

Warm Up

SSH IC x 15
Frankenstein IC x 15
Tempo Squat IC x 10
Merkin IC x10
Split Jack IC x 15
Shoulder Tap IC x 15

Mosey around main loop toward school

Mucho Chesto
Bruce Lee
3 total sets around loop

Back to school

Suicide escalator
10 burpees

10 burpees
20 squats

10 burpees
20 squats
30 mountain climbers

10 burpees
20 squats
30 mountain climbers
40 leg raises

Mosey to pull up bars for morning call

Mosey back to field for some wind sprints to wrap up.

COT- We received a friendly and encouraging reminder of the real purpose of our COT. We should all be comfortable sharing what’s on our mind and being vulnerable, to allow the PAX to provide support when needed. What happens at the COT stays with the COT.

Bowling coming up November 19th and Christmas Party December 3rd…keep an eye on Slack for details.