Looks Like Merkins’ Back On The Menu, Boys

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Dillio, Belding, Hitchhiker, Endo, Cheesehead, DBA, Hooker, Grouper, Petey, Urkel, CZ, Floppy

QIC: Apnea

PAX: Dillio, Belding, Hitchhiker, Endo, Cheesehead, DBA, Hooker, Grouper, Petey, Urkel, CZ, Floppy

YHC set an early shock alarm to ensure in time arrival but the 2.0 decided to wake up early as well. Once he was put back to sleep, it was 5:25 am so YHC jumped into the car and quickly made it to courts (tires screeching) just after 530. As advertised yesterday, the (anti-narcolepsy) meds would be fully kicked in by the beatdown so YHC gave a very quick mumbled disclaimer which included terms such as modify as needed, I’m definitely not a professional, listen to what I say or don’t, may need to leave early, blah blah blah…. Let’s mosey (that’ll be a decent warm up).

Mosey to main roundabout, circling until the six was in and then continued along LLR blvd to the first light pole, for 15 SSH IC. Mosey to the second light pole for 15 Frankensteins and 10 tappity tap taps. Mosey to the corner of sunlake and LLR blvd for 10 Baby Arm Circles Forward, 10 Baby Arm Circles Reverse, 10 Seal Claps, 10 Overhead Claps IC without putting arms down. To finish off the warm up, 10 Mountain Climbers IC.

With everyone warmed up, YHC explained today’s fun:

Heading north, all PAX alternated between three different types of merkins and all six bruce lee exercises.

First Light Pole at the corner: 20 Standard Merkins

Second light Pole: 20 Flutter Kicks HW

Third Light Pole: 20 Wide Merkins

Fourth Light Pole: 20 Leg Raises

Fifth Light Pole: 20 Diamond Merkins

Sixth Light Pole: 20 Dying Cockroaches HW

Seventh Light Pole: 20 Standard Merkins

Eighth Light Pole: 20 American Hammers HW

Ninth Light Pole: 20 Wide Merkins

Tenth Light Pole: 20 Freddie Mercuries HW

Eleventh Light Pole: 20 Diamond Merkins

Twelfth Light Pole: 20 LBCs

Repeated sequence until we got to the last light pole at 54.

Shout out to Dillio, Hitchhiker, and Grouper for making it to 54 and then doubling back to pick up the sixes. In the interest of time, we doubled back to pick up the rest of the PAX before reaching 54 at around the fifth or sixth light pole from the corner of 54 and sunlake.

Made our way back to the courts south along sunlake blvd alternating between 10 Merkins and 10 Squats at each light pole. Since we cut the rep count down, we needed to make up for it with 2 burpees for every car that drove past us on the north bound side. (Stole this from an old Vanellope beatdown but reduced from 5 burpees to 2 burpees due to time and all of the cars that decided to drive north right as it was called).

YHC promised Urkel that I.R. would not be called to get us back to the courts. Instead Cheesehead and Urkel both pushed themselves with an AYG from the corner of LLR/sunlake. All PAX followed suit back to the courts at 619.

Total merkin count of 240 – 370, ~2 Full Bruce Lees, some squats and burpees.

Great job by all PAX today.


Prayers for all PAX recovering from injuries, DR, or unable to make it out this morning.