Start getting Thankful

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Grouper, Lunch Break, Apnea

After a weekend of little sleep and plenty of outdoor camping YHC was not quite ready for a Monday morning beatdown but like a any other day I was wondering who was on Q. Looks like I signed up in a drunken text session last week. 57 degrees with a bit of warmth this AM in the Gloom Winter is coming!! 5:30 and off we go.

Disclaimer and core principles said we were ready to get it on!

Warm up ssh 10 ic
Windmill 10 ic
Tempo merkins 10 ic
Tempo squats 10 ic
Frankenstein 10 ic

Mosey to tennis Courts
Slam ball lunge walk burpee

Start at one end of courts lined up. Each pax hurls the 25lbs slam ball as far as possible. Lunge walk to ball subtract the amount of lunges from 10 and preform that amount of burpees.

Max throw by Lunch Break and Grouper with only 1 burpee to be done. Down and back.

Mosey to playground where we pair off and do a classic Dora.
100 Bobby Hurley’s
200 lunges HC
300 monkey humpers

As PAX one is exercising PAX 2 is running around circle plank for 6 when competing Dora.

Mosey to concession stand

Warm down ssh 10 ic
Tempo merkins 10 ic
Frankenstein 10 ic

Time called and all PAX ready to start of this week of Thanksgiving with a renewed energy.


Christmas party info in Slack.

Todays COT was not the traditional prayer that we normally do. Instead to start off this week of Thanksgiving we each talked about what we were thankful for. This is a place that we can share with each other.