Turkey is gone!

by | Nov 26, 2022 | Back Blasts

PAX POSTED: BigPapi, Anchorman, Photoshop, Goose, Pink Panther (from Chattanooga), dab

Foggy Saturday morning to drain away the Turkey. YHC was ready for some sweat feast but woke up late for first beatdown. It was already 6:15 and noticed N/A on the Q sheet and No Q for second beatdown. He picked the Q for second beatdown and felt glad for extra sleep thinking there was no first between. Unfortunately, it was marked N/A by Hitchhiker Q for the first beatdown as he was solo for it.

6 PAX ready for some slow mosey with Merkins and Squats.

Quick warm up – SSH, Frenkestine. Plank Jack, Hill Belly in Cadence.

Mosey towards the Tower road – to the circle near the Club House and to the Boneyard via Bexley village drive performing below exercises:

5 Merkins and 10 Squats at each Light PolesĀ (Goose counted 45 +/- 1 poles after the beatdown – he literally drove around)

1 Set of Bruce Lee at 1 mile mark (total 2 miles)

Back at the boneyard, partnered up and did 100 Burpees DORA type – one PAX did the Burpees while other PAX mosey to the side-walk across the field.

Big Boy Sit-ups for remaining 1 minute.


– Prayers for All PAX who are driving or having good time with families

– Prayers for Pink Panther’s Parents, specially for Mother who is suffering from some pain. Hope she feels better soon.

– Prayers for Photoshop’s Mother who is going through the health issues and gets a way to comfort her.

Please follow the 3rd of Slack channel for upcoming Annual Christmas Party on 3rd December.

Have a wonderful day!