Clydesdale’s unite

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Cheesehead, Couch Potato, Pinocchio

63 degrees full moon and a shooting star, this morning was glorious in the gloom and PAX were not disappointed with YHC brining a barley any mosey pain to this AM’s beatdown. With time left it was just one of my fellow Clydesdales showing up for the party. 5:29 and we get a slow drive by from one of our newest PAX and an FNG that he EH’ed the day after his first post! Excited to see Couch Potato and FNG Pinocchio ready to hit it!!

5:30 and off we go. Disclaimer given and 5 core principles verbalized. On to our warmup!

Warm up ssh 10 ic

Abe Vigoda Windmill with hold 10 ic

Tempo merkins 10 ic

Tempo squats 10 ic

Frankenstein 10 ic

Mosey to soccer field 

Per Advent calendar 20minutes of continuous ab exercises. 

Bruce Lee

T-bombs emom 12 reps 10 sets (might be my delirium but there was a long shooting star)

Bruce Lee 

Slam ball lunge walk

Each PAX picks up and throws the slam ball as far as possible. Lunge walk to ball and subtract the lunges from 10. Preform the appropriate amount of burpees remaining. Each PAX takes a turn to throw. Once we get to other side turn around and throw it back to the other side. Substitute burpee for squats. Once we get to other side mosey to start.

ssh ic for final 2 minutes. 

Xmas Cards for Veterans due by 19th to Chowdah
Be on the look out for the Family adoption in Slack
Instead of a prayer we did a circle of gratitude.
Welcome FNG Pinocchio!