2022 Q of the Year

by | Jan 7, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper, Hitchhiker, Selter,Tebow
PAX POSTED: Waterboy, Cricket, Belding, Anchorman, Chowdah, DBA, Bagels, Ikea, Floppy, Endo, Flat Tire, Chainsaw

What started off as a very chilly morning turned into a perfect day for a multi-faceted beat down to recognize the top 3 QICs of 2022 based on peer voting. YHC was honored to be part of the competition alongside Hitchhiker and Tebow. Sixteen total PAX were there to feel the pain in various ways.

We started things off with a good warm-up from our group leader and Nantan, Grouper, to get the blood flowing before spending 15-18 minutes with each of the 3 QICs. After, the 13 PAX were split into 3 groups, with each joining one of the Qs at their designated area around the Boneyard. Hitchhiker took Group 1, Seltzer with Group 2 and Tebow with Group 3.

HITCHHIKER: Group/Zone 1
A Croquet game was set at the fields near the mailboxes along Ballantrae Blvd to perform the following routine:
-Alternating hit croquet with a 10 minute time limit.
-When not hitting, cycle through derricks, mountain climbers and imperial walkers.
-At 10:00 minutes, winning team did 30 squats. Losing team did 10 burpees and 20 BBS on the frozen grass.
A lot of hooting and hollering could be heard around the Boneyard during these games.

SELTZER: Group/Zone 2
YHC took the main field near the Flag where cones were found throughout including a circle of discs and cones at each end of the field. There was also a large 20 pound medicine ball on one end and inside the circle a 40 pound sand bag and 2 x 26 pound kettle bags.
-All PAX start at the east side of the field to do a crawl bear back 20 yard over the hill until the feet touch the Boneyard fence and then bear crawl back to the start, immediately AYG sprint to the other side of the field with the medicine ball.
-30 second interval exercise; Plank/MCs/LBCs/Squat + Kicks
-Ball Worm: PAX line up with the leader with the ball, alternating overhead/under-leg passing of the ball backward, SIX runs up to front with ball, repeat x 2 full cycles
-Ball Plank: PAX line up in plank position and roll ball sideways with each PAX involved, SIX runs up to plank at front, repeat x 2 cycles.
-Pit of Dispair: PAX mosey to circle of disc cones, 1 PAX at a time places the 40 lb sandbag on their shoulders and then farmer carry the 2x 26 pound kettle bags to a cone at the end of the field, at the cone perform Squats x 10, return back to circle. The other PAX at the circle perform exercises around and at each cone; Merkins x 5, Side Crawl to next cone, S-Taps x5, repeat until Q calls out different exercises including; LBCs x 5, Crab Walk to next cone; Side shuffle mosey around the circle. Each time a PAX returns back to the middle of the circle with the weights ALL PAX hit the ground with Burpees x 5 OYO. Then the next PAX takes the weight and we start the circle exercises again.

TEBOW: Group/Zone 3
Tebow’s zone was at a place he made famous, Burpback Mountain (soccer field playground/hill area)…
Burpback Mountain with tire sled and block
-1st 5:00min: Partner doing Blockies while the other pulled the sled backwards up the hill
-2nd 5:00min: Partner doing Burpees while the other pulled the sled, with block, backwards up the hill
-3rd 5:00min: Rotating with all PAX doing squats while one PAX pulled BOTH sleds, with blocks, facing forwards up the hill

At the end of the hour, all PAX return back to the flag to vote using paper. Grouper & Belding took care of the counting and determined this was the closest vote in Nature Coast history. YHC was surprised and honored to be voted Q of the Year, the paper plate award will forever be set in the man cave. Deciding to commit to increasing my involvement with the group and especially as an active Q was the best decision I made in 2022. Being a Q opens your eyes that the real reason we get up early in the gloom is not for ourselves but for our fellow brothers.

CoT: Prayers of gratitude that we are given the opportunity to be part of this great group of men to hold each other accountable so that we may have an impact in our lives. Prayers for all that are DR or injured or suffering in ways unknown at this time.