Sightseeing Around The Yard

by | Jan 21, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Vanellope
PAX POSTED: Endo, Belding, DBA, Chowdah, Bison, Grouper, Anchorman, Hitchhiker, Vanellope

It was gloomy out with the weather cool and a light breeze. Great weather for what YHC had in store for the Pax. 8 Pax arrived on time and then good ole Chowdah came in hot on the bike and jumped right into cadence :30 seconds in. All veterans today, and a lot of mumber chatter going on about ‘RESPECT’ vs the younger pax. Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Flat Tire who just entered the ‘RESPECT’ club. No-see-um said it best on slack, the guy can still out bench, out curl, and out chatter anyone. I think I tweaked the last one lol.

Warm Up

  • SSH X20 IC
  • Mosey to Playground Hill
  • Up and Down Hill X10
  • Windmill X10 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles X10 IC
  • Merkins X10 IC
  • Squats X10 IC


Mosey to corner Bexley entrance

  • Partner Up for ‘Catch me if you can’, Parter 1 X10 Merkins, sprint to catch partner…alternating until round a bout…which if you ask Belding looked better on paper

Mosey back to the Flag… at this point just 30 minutes in the Pax have really covered some ground and it felt like no end in sight

  • Circle Up… All Pax did squats while 2 Pax went into the middle and did X5 Thrusters… X3 Rounds… All Pax looked great and had good form

Mosey to Work out station

  • X5 Pull Ups, X5 Big Boys, X10 Merkins, X5 Dips, X5 Rows… X3 Rounds

Mosey back to the Flag

  • Cindy Throws and Sprints… 1 by 1 Pax went and Shot putted the Cindy as far as they could then all Pax raced to the Cindy. From that spot the next Pax Shot putted the Cindy and then all Pax sprinted to the Cindy…we did this until we got to the other side of the field.
  • Circle Up…All Pax did SSH while 2 Pax went into the middle and did X3 Blockees…X3 Rounds
  • X10 Box Cutter IC
  • X23 Freddie Mercuries IC

8:30 Done… Great job by all Pax today, surprised to see Endo hanging after being out sick for a couple weeks. Anchorman was our Cindy assistant today since he really wanted to run with the Cindy. lol


  • Thankful for the great group of Pax and being able to get the day started off right
  • Prayers for all of our friends and family