Easy Monday

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Back Blasts

PAX POSTED: Hooker, Smoggy, Grouper, Apnea, WATERBOY, DBA

~~~~~~~~~ Commit and stick to your commitment, you can do it, that is what we all are about ~~~~~~~~

It was tough for YHC to get out and Q on Monday due to odd work schedule but HC on it made it possible today.

Foggy Monday at the district 6 PAX were ready to kick start the week.

Warm up: SSH, Wind Mills, Frenkestine in Cadence

The Thang: At each light pole, perform below exercises. Rinse and Repeat for 5 sets

Pole one: 5 sets of 2 Burpees, 10 Mountain Climber (EW), 10 SSH  —- Mosey to the next Light Pole —– 20 Merkins  —— Mosey to the Next light Pole

At the Picnic area: Partnered up for DORA — One Pax did the exercise while other Pax mosey around the circle.

100 Big Boy Setups, 200 Dying Cockroach, 300 Leg Pumps

Heading back to the Pavilion: For 3 light Poles: 2 Burpees and 10 Mountain Climbers.

Wall sits for 1 minute to end up today’s session.

Thankful for the ability to come out and workout with fellow brother. Prayers for all those who needs lottery to come out and workout with us.

Thank you!