Bad Ideas: Balance & Blockees

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hitchhiker
PAX POSTED: Urkel, Haka, Dillio, Grouper, Hose, Passion Fruit, Waterboy, Seltzer, Belding, Apnea

YHC has been feeling pretty good about his improved balance and was ready to see if it was ready for prime time. To encourage myself, I thought I would challenge myself to hold my balance longer by putting in a blockee punishment as a backstop.

Turned out, I was not ready for prime-time and YHC did a lot of blockees.


  • Mosey around the dog park and tennis court
  • 10 IC one and a quarter squats
  • 10 IC (5 each side) archer lunges
  • 10 IC Easy boat twist
  • 10 IC Plank leg tap outs
  • 10 IC Shoulder taps
  • Mosey around the dog park and tennis court

Bring block to the FOP.


Round one would be each PAX would farmers walk to the other side and back. While going out, the other PAX would do a block exercise and would do a balance exercise standing on their block while the farmer walking PAX came back. If the PAX fell out of the balance pose, blockees were done as a replacement.

Round two was one PAX would rifle carry out and bear crawl block through back (RIP Passion Fruit’s block).

The exercises (done in repeat until near end of time):

Squats / hold leg out left

Overhead press / hold leg out right

Row / one legged squat 

Swings / one legged squat, other leg 

Romanian deadlifts / Ankle grab right

Curl / Ankle grab left

Thruster / warrior 3 left

Pull throughs / warrior 3 right

With a couple minutes left, some side shuffles and blockees until time.


  • 4/30: 26.3 mile ruck
  • 5/5: 2.0 workout at 7:30


Prayer’s for Passion Fruit’s teammate. Prayer for all PAX, present and away.