Its only 4 poles

by | Apr 23, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Belding
PAX POSTED: Hitchhiker, Grouper, Urkel, CZ, Cheesehead, Smoggy, DBA, Dillio, Petey, Apnea, Waterboy

Great to see a strong showing on a Tuesday morning.   Cheesehead even got a call from CZ to know what direction we would be going because he thought he was the only one at the Boneyard, but Hooker showed up and led his own beatdown

Warm-up at the courts

SSH x 10 IC

Quick mosey to the Sunlake roundabout


Imperial Walkers


Tempo Squats

All IC x 10.


Mosey to Sunlake for the Thang

Stack and unstack

Mosey from pole 0 to Pole 1 and back.  Pole 0 to Pole 2, etc. and then unstack back to Pole 0

5 Burpees at pole 0

10 Merkins at Pole 1

20 Carolina Dry Docks + Merkins at Pole 2

30 LBC + Dry Docks +Merkins at Pole 3

40 Reverse Lunges (HW) + LBC + Dry Docks + Merkins at Pole 4

After unstacking pick up the 6.

YHC had more in store, but the poles took longer than expected.  Quick 10 count and Mosey OYO back to the courts.


Total Rep Count:



Carolina Dry Dock-120


Reverse Lunge-80

Miles-2.67 (per Apnea)



Box Cutters x10 IC

Flutter Kicks x10 IC