by | May 3, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hitchhiker
PAX POSTED: Waterboy, Lunch Break, Hooker, Big Papi, Apnea

At 8:30 YHC checked the Q sheet to see who had the honor of leading the Wednesday BD to find it blank, so, it’s going to be me.


All IC:

  • 10 Squat Twist
  • 10 Boat Reaches
  • 10 Leg Lifts to Reverse Crunch
  • 10 Banking Airplanes
  • 10 Hip Taps
  • 10 Plank Tap Outs
  • 10 Frakensteins
  • 25 SSH

Mosey to the corner.

A sign, created that very morning greeted the PAX.

The exercises on the board were: merkins, squats, plank surrenders, gas pumpers, supermans.

Format was simple, run to the first street light and do 5 burpees, run back to the start and do 5 reps of every exercise on the board. Rinse and repeat for four more rounds, but each round go to the next further street light, add 5 burpees and 5 reps for the board.


2.0 Workout 7:30 at The Boneyard


Prayers for Chowdah’s uncle and all PAX present and not for well being.