Wheel of Fortune

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hitchhiker
PAX POSTED: Hooker, Splinter, Lunch Break, Apnea, Belding

YHC watched Wheel of Fortune about every night as a young 2.0 and with the recent news of Pat Sajak announcing his retirement, this beatdown was dedicated to the legend himself.


  • 12 IC SSH
  • 10 IC Windmills
  • 10 IC Frankensteins
  • 10 IC Tappity-tap-taps
  • 10 IC Down Dog Merkins


The beatdown tried to incorporate as many WoF elements as possible:

  • The wheel: A spinning wheel app with 5 – 12 and “run.” The numbers being reps and run was basically bankruptcy because that’s how it felt after this weekend. The run was to the street and back to the flag
  • The exercises: A grid of 7 exercises that could be selected up to three times. They were all with the block: Curls, Overhead Press, Rows, BBS, Thrusters, Swings and Skull Crushers.
  • The prize: If the PAX solved the puzzle, they got to celebrate with a Bruce Lee. If they failed, it was going to be 40 burpees. Lunch Break though I said blockees, so we turned the prize into 20 of each.
  • The game:
    • Each PAX took a turn selecting an exercise from the grid and spinning the wheel
    • If the PAX spun “run” we ran and that was the end of the turn
    • The PAX spun 5 – 12, he then got to select a letter
      • If he guessed a letter on the board, we did the selected exercise for the number of reps on the wheel
      • If he missed on the letter, the exercise got replaced with blockees.
    • Repeated for 21 rounds, and then a final guess at the puzzle.

Everyone did an amazing job through 21 rounds and had the following puzzle going into the final guess:


Unfortunately they did not complete the puzzle as the missing letter waz Z X K!

After our 20 blockees and 20 burpees, we still had some time for some 11’s (squats and calf raises) and a wall sit.


  • 2nd F: Poker at Endo’s house. $50 buy in.
  • 3rd F: Upcoming AAH event (see Slack), Heart Headed Home August 20th (great for all PAX and 2.0’s!)


  • Prayers for all PAX who got ran over by a Sasquatch this weekend