Wednesday Tora

by | Sep 20, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Waterboy, Lunch Break

Thought I’d make it as early possible and be the first one there, but once again Waterboy was on point and waiting with bated breath. With only a minute left to our surprise Lunch Break came rolling in and ready to rock.

Baby arm circles/reverse 10ic

Abe Vigoda 10ic

Plank Jacks 10ic

BDE merkin 10 oyo

Tap pity tap taps  10ic

Tempo squats 10ic

Mosey to corner

Mucho chesto

Mosey to round about

Burpee bear crawl

Bear crawl each tree

1 burpee 1 Merlin next tree 2 burpees 2 merkins and so on at each tree up to 6

Repeat but sub bear crawl for lunge walk

Mosey to courts

Tennis courts team Dora (Tora)

Toss medicine ball lunge walk to it and 10 reps at a time

100 hand release

20 reps at a time 100 squats

25 reps at a time 100 monkey humpers

Butkus 1/2 minute rapid step ups on curb 15 second rest. 2rounds till 6:15.

COT congratulations waterboy on making it to 20 years of wedded bliss