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QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Fix It

9/27/2023 District

woke up eager and willing to take on this last minute Q. It was a less muggy 76° morning in the gloom this beautiful fall day. Got to the AO nice and early to plan a Clydesdale friendly beatdown. 5:29 hits and I yell out 1 minute to the morning sky.

5:30 and I’m off, well not really but held my breath as a truck started to make its way from the opposite end of the parking lot, knowing full well this was not normal. 5:33 Fix It, visiting for the 1st time from Jacksonville shows up dressed to impress in shorts and a collared shirt determined for a beatdown even if he didn’t pack for it, and as expected and knowing fully well got a text at 5:28 asking for direction as Apnea was also making his way.  Quick disclosure and we are off.

Warm up

SSH 15 ic

Abe Vigoda 10 ic

Michael Phelps 10 ic

Frankenstein 10 ic

Hillbillies 10 ic

Mosey to lot

10 merkins per island

Lunge or duck walk to next

All the way to stop sign

10 bbs on way back

Walk to concession stand

Tbombs 12 emom 10 minutes

Butkus 2rounds

and time called.


prayers for all PAX DR or out due to injury or just being a sad clown. Prayers for Fix It to return home safely as well.