Take 2

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Waterboy, Apnea, Geronimo (visitor)

It’s been an honor to get out of bed to get to the AO and know that at any given time someone may be coming for the first time like I did a few short years ago, or you when you joined. Loving another glorious morning with 5:30 quickly approaching water boy and I saw someone else’s coming in hot. Geronimo our visitor from Tallahassee came strolling in just in time.Apnea to his credit only missed our warmup below

10/11/23 district

2/28 beatdown

Abe Vigoda


Tempo merkin 15 IC

Baby arm circles/reverse 10 IC

Seal clap 15 IC

Overhead clap

Rifle carry to the thang

Station one

25 right side bend

MOT rifle carry, lunge walk, shuffle, backpeddle, right side farmers carry, left sided carry between staions

25 right side bend

2nd station left sing 

25 bent over rows

25 curls

25 overhead press

25 triceps/skull crushers

with almost a complete minutes remaining we made our way last lap we modified To get back in time  


continued TAP’s to displaced families in Middle East