Great Q, Debatable

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Hooker, Waterboy, SchoolZone (Louisville, KY)

QIC: Apnea

PAX: Hooker, SchoolZone (Louisville), Waterboy

YHC can’t remember the last time he Q’ed at the District but was compelled to take it on after Seltzer’s motivating post on Sunday. As a shocker, YHC arrived at The District with 5 minutes to spare. That will definitely disrupt the universe and the normal flow of events.


All veterans were present, quick disclaimer was given, and we started at the tables with the warmup.

SSH X 10

Frankensteins X 10 IC

Tempo Squats X 10 IC

The gates have been closed several times recently to the parking lot but we saw a car approaching from the other direction so we ran to the parking lot and encountered a visiting PAX, SchoolZone from Louisville.

Merkins X 10 IC

Since YHC was extremely late to Monday’s beatdown and missed Waterboy’s mosey fest, YHC decided to do something similar for fun. Mosey to Lake Blanche Dr and heading east stopping at the next roundabout for 10 Sqauts IC. Continue south along Long Spur to the next roundabout where we did 10 Leg Raises IC. Continue through the roundabout along long spur where YHC meant to head north to Riders Pass but missed the road so we ended up going parallel to it along a dark path on the side of the lake until we got to Batten Ln. We did 10 Merkins IC for a break and then moseyed west, turned right on Berrypick Trail until we got to the next roundabout where we did 20 Flutter Kicks HW IC. Mosey northwest along Rangeland Blvd to the next roundabout where we held plank at 10 Count per PAX. SchoolZone bringing it with the slow gradual count as a challenge. Mosey west along Rangeland Blvd to the next roundabout corner where we did 20 Dying Cockroaches HW IC. Mosey west along Rangeland Blvd until we got to the path by the big lake where we did 20 American Hammers HW IC. Mosey south along the lake path, across Lake Blanche Dr. and towards the far end of the parking lot. With about 5 minutes left, we moseyed across the parking lot stopping at each island (left or right) to do squats increasing the rep count by 1 at each subsequent island. A few of the islands were so close we counted them as one island. Ended up at either 12 or 13 squats before YHC called for last set and mosey straight back to the start.

Three miles and mixed PT for today.

Great job by all PAX.


Prayers for all those PAX DR, that may be going through tough times, and all that couldn’t make it today.