Boneyard Audibles

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Chowdah
PAX POSTED: Haka, Bud, Chowdah

Leading means sometimes you need to adjust your plans to get your team moving forward. YHC  pulled up to the boneyard with a game plan to keep PAX warm in and that was the mission….one way or another.

Warm Up

  • SSH- 15(IC)
  • Windmills- 10 (IC)
  • Baby arm circles- 13 (IC)
  • Baby circle arms- 13 (IC)

We finished the warm up and as we started to bring our blocks to the schoolyard Bud came from out of the shadows, Without an extra block I called an audible and we went to the workout station near the dog park.

The Thang:

  • PAX to pick your numbers- 3 sets of numbers (You vs You, keep your number through out each set)
  • 1#- Your pull up number
  • 2#- Your merkin number
  • 3#- Your block exercise number

Set one:

  • Regular pull ups
  • Regular Merkins
  • Squats with the block

Set two:

  • Chin ups
  • Wide Merkins
  • Flutters

As we started to get into the swing of it YHC noticed two thing occurring- Bud didn’t have gloves, so touching cold metal wasn’t helping him keep warm and Haka’s shoulder became aggravated removing him from pulls up and merkins. YHC know- leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him- so it was time for another audible.

We left the blocks and moseyed over to the school.

The Thang #2:

  • 2 Laps around the parking lot but after each lap each PAX needed to complete two core stabilizing exercises
    • Modified curl up
    • Bird Dog
    • Reference video
  • After completion we moved to the parking spaces lines
  • Suicides on first set of parking spaces
  • Bear crawl to crawl bear suicides on second set of parking spaces
  • Back to first set of parking spaces for another round of suicides

With just enough time, we moseyed back to the start and did a little bit of stretching before time.


  • Prayers for those injured, DR, traveling
  • Prayers that people keep in mind the reason behind the season. To keep each other lifted and not put so much focus on material things.