Deck of pain

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Splinter, Apne

Arrived at the District with time to come up with a Q. Splinter rolls in like a boss shortly after I get there. The man with a 50lb vest on for shits and giggles is not playing around anymore. Not sure why he loves the pain but with some mumble chatter on his brutal 1/2 mile bear crawl Q 2 days ago makes me want to do it again. Be afraid men be very afraid, This will happen again.

65 degrees and not a drop in the sky on this beautiful Wednesday morning. Only thing missing is a few HIM that need to have this in their lives.
5:30 and off the two of us go.

warm up

SSH. 15 ic

windmill 10 ic

Seal Claps 10 ic

Moroccan nights 10 ic

Hillbillies 10 ic

the Thang

wirh warmups complete grab our blocks, we start off on 4 easy exercises.
Diamonds ♦️ overhead press

Hearts ❤️ Curles

Clubs ♣️ Swings

Spades ♠️ Blockees

Aces mosey to stop sign

going through the deck we get 1/2 way when Apnea makes his grand entrance and complete the the time with 3 cards remaining.


prayers to Apneas brother in law getting some medical news that starts a series of tests

prayers for PAX DR or injured.