Foggy Mosey at the boneyard

by | Feb 4, 2024 | Back Blasts

QIC: Chowdah
PAX POSTED: Grouper, HitchHiker, Haka, Woody, Airstream, Goose, Endo, Chowdah

Friday night at 10pm YHC thought, “whose on Q tomorrow?” A quick glance at the Q Sheet made me aware I needed to come with up an idea for a beatdown. Tired, the fart sack beckoned for me. I awoke in a panic to rush out and get to the boneyard in time with some ideas of how the beatdown would go. As I turned the corner the fog covered the PAX awaiting the Q. With a minute to spare, we circled up, disclaimers were given, core principles reviewed (note to self, aka from Haka, show more enthusiasm) and we started the warm up.

Warm up:

  • 15 SSH (IC)
  • 10 Windmills (IC)
  • 10 Frankenstein (IC)
  • 10 Tiefighters (IC)

Quick sip and then mosey to Bud Bexley

The Thang:

  • Alternating sprint and Mosey between light posts. At every light posts stop and complete 3 exercises
  • First set of exercises -10 reps each
  • Merkins, LBC, squats
  • Second set – 10 reps each
  • Supermans, leg raises, Carolina dry docks
  • Last set only 5 burpees at each post but once finished hold plank or Al Gore too bring the six in.

With about 15 minutes left we moseyed back to the boneyard. With about 8 minutes left we did some much needed stretches.


  • Sign up to Q, you can do it. Step up!
  • Find where or who you can talk to if you are carrying around baggage.
  • Prayers for those traveling, DR, recovering, ill. That they find their way back out or those who haven’t learned about f3 become aware.