200 Burn or Churn

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Back Blasts

QIC: Seltzer
PAX POSTED: Airstream, Hooker

A chilly morning with moisture in the air, perfect time to lift some bricks with brothers.  YHC announced a block party to be had at The Bone Yard.  Two PAX arrived ready to feel the burn.

Tennessee Rocking Chairs
Half mosey lap around the block

Return to Flag to start some heavy coupon work. PAX are to complete a total count of 200 reps of the following exercises with one twist. PAX may elect to take a break from the block work to mosey down the street, each light pole that is passed will count 2 reps towards the 200 count. PAX cannot move on to next exercise until each 200 count is met,

SQUATS w block
LEG LIFTS w block held up
BBS w block

It was a burn and turn type of morning, as soon as the arms burned out time to turn to the mosey. A total maximum number of light pole rep counts per lap was 14. After the mosey lap PAX had to start back on block until burn out felt again before another mosey – total number of light poles met were up to PAX (sometimes just a quick 2 pole mosey was enough to cool the guns).

Great work by all and shout out to Airstream for going the furthest at 150 leg lifts. YHC may have created an unreasonable number of exercises thinking Haka would be joining today.

COT – Prayers for Leto High School athlete that collapsed while running track the day before and currently at hospital and all PAX going through challenges in life.