Football Fan Trivia

by | Feb 10, 2024 | Back Blasts


Quote of the Day:  “No way, no way, who has their phone we are going to double check that, you are completely wrong.  There is no way that they started in 1963 it was 1966 for sure.”  ~Hitchhiker~

12 PAX came out to celebrate with a Superbowl themed beatdown as promised by YHC a few nights before.  We welcomed our FNG John (CYCLONE) a fellow football teammate of Waterboy from college.  The disclaimer was given and we were ready to begin.  First was a mosey to the school parking lot for a little warm-up and football square action.

  • SSH  –  X15  –  IC
  • WINDMILL  –  X10  –  IC
  • BABY ARM CIRCLES  –  X10  –  IC
  • FRANKENSTEIN  –  X10  –  IC

5 ROUNDS OF SUPERBOWL SQUARE…only there was only 1 square and it was a bear square…Each round YHC would pose a question that only a Chiefs or Taylor Swift superfan would know.  If Hitchhiker gets the question incorrect then 25 Burpees followed by bear square and 1 full lap.  Get the question correct and a less painful exercise would be substituted.

  • ROUND 1  –  25 SQUATS  –  Correct…Including this year the Chiefs have now made 6 superbowl appearances
  • ROUND 2  –  25 BURPEES  –  Incorrect…A self proclaimed Chiefs fan did not know what year his team came into existence  –  1963
  • ROUND 3  –  50 FLUTTERKICKS  –  Correct…Len Dawson was the Chiefs QB during their first ever Superbowl win in 1969-1970
  • ROUND 4  –  25 BURPEES  –  Incorrect  –  Patrick Mahomes threw 50 tds his first season as a starter not 51
  • ROUND 5  –  50 SSH  –  Incorrect – Taylor Swifts first ever number 1 song was “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”…however due to time constraints a second chance question was given and answered correctly that Brock Purdy led the NFL this season in passing yards per attempt at 9.3

Time to mosey to the soccer field for the football part of todays challenge.  We split into 2 teams based on who we are rooting for in the Superbowl…5 for 49ers, 6 for Chiefs and with Waterboy undecided we tossed him to the 49ers to make the teams even at 6 a piece.

  • ROUND 1  –  2 – 2ft x 2ft targets were attached to the soccer goals with each team lining up at a target.  Each teammate gets 1 throw from 9.3 yards away to hit the target then run the ball down and return it to the next teammate.  Hit the target and your teammates plank while waiting on the ball to be returned, miss the target and it is 5 burpees for everyone while they wait.  Once all teammates have thrown the entire team will mosey 1 lap around the field.
  • ROUND 2  –  20 yd field goal attempt.  Same rules as the throw only this time instead of 5 burpees we substituted 20 squats for a missed attempt.

With the last 15 minutes remaining we played a 6 on 6 game of ultimate frisbee.  The prophecy states that the winning team would also mean that the team they represent would win the Superbowl.  The Chiefs defeated the 49ers with a final score of 5-0…GO CHIEFS!!!


  • No losers today as every PAX who posts to an F3 beatdown is a winner for sure.  Goose gets the offensive MVP for his incredible plays and effort even though he represented the 49ers.  Had it not been for a last minute pass interference he would have scored and ended the shutout.  No penalty though, the refs were clearly rooting for the Chiefs as usual.  Great job by everyone including our FNG Cyclone for his effort today.  Hope everyone had fun yet still got in a good workout.  As always it was a pleasure, and I thank everyone who posted for allowing me the opportunity to lead.
  • Rucking convergence event set for April, get your gear out and dust it off for the 26.3 mile trek.  Check slack for more info.
  • F3NC website was renewed for another 5 years and paid in advance by DBA which cost $750, if you would like to make a donation back to him to help cover the cost please do so the details are on Slack.  No obligation and any amount no matter how big or small will help.


  • Prayers for Waterboy’s co-worker and his family.
  • Prayers for all those who are injured or DR that they make their way back out to the gloom and join us.