A long warm-up and some smoke that pole work!

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Back Blasts

PAX POSTED: Hooker, Smoggy, Hitchhiker, DBA, Belding and Apnea

Jumped out the bed and couldn’t wait to get on-site at the Ranch. Definitely can’t complain about these beautiful mornings we have been blessed with the past couple days! LET’S GO!!!!

Warm Up – Short run the roundabout, Tempo Squats, SSH, Shoulder Taps, Flutter Kicks, Leg Raises, Frankenstein’s, Windmills, Tappy, Tap, Tap

The Thang – Smoke That Pole (Stop at each pole and do the following 5 exercises)

Lunges x 10 reps EW

Carolina Dry Docks x 10 reps

Merkins x 10 reps

BBS x 15 reps

Burpees x 3

Indian Run back to the courts!

COT: Prayers for Smoggy’s wife and family during her pregnancy. Provide us strength, courage and wisdom as we embark on daily journeys!