Bartman’s Stations of Pain

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Back Blasts | 1 comment


YHC didn’t waste any time bringing the pain. Started at 5:30am with a Mosey to the Roundabout for the warm-up.

Warm-Up: (All IC x 10)
-Wind Mills
-Cotton Pickers in Cadence
-Imp Walkers in Cadence
-Mountain Climbers
-Plank Jacks
-Shoulder Taps

The Thang:

Bear Crawl around roundabout 5 Merkins at each line
Crab walk halfway around roundabout 5 Merkins at each line
Duck walk halfway around roundabout 5 Merkins at each line

Mosey to mailbox:

Herkins x 10
Derkins x 10

Slowsy back to BB to start the “Stations of Pain”

Station 1
Dips x 25

Station 2
Ab Wheel x 10

Station 3
Squats with Cinderblock x 25

Station 4
Cleans with LB3 x 25

Station 5
Burpees x 15

Station 6
LBC x 35

Station 7
Jump Rope x 50

Mosey around BB Courts-Sprint last 20 yards

Rinse and Repeat.

Time for some Mary:(All IC)

-Hammers x 15
-Dying cockroach x 15
-Plank around the circle. Count off each PAX x 15
-Superman x 15
-Mountain Climbers x 15
-Plank Jacks x 15
-Shoulder Taps x 15
-LBC x 15


-Prayers for all still struggling from the aftermath of Harvey, Irma and Maria.
-Continued prayers for Down Under and Heisenberg’s families
-Thankful for all the men that continue to come out and are a part of F3


-Great effort by everyone especially @notoriousnyc for fighting through when you weren’t “feeling it”
-Shout out to @no-ski who is fighting off some type of cold. Get better soon…we have a tough mudder to kill