Battle of the ropes

by | Oct 14, 2017 | Back Blasts | 2 comments

QIC: NotoriousNYC
PAX POSTED: NotoriousNYC,No Ski,No See Um, Bartman,Heisenberg,Delio,DBA,Castro

7:30am Our United States Flag was planted. We had 8 pax today all willing to get after it. We had one FNG today, so a quick disclaimer was read. Welcome Castro!


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The Thang:

Warm up(All IC x10)

-Side Straddle Hops

-Cotton Pickers

-Imperial Walkers

-Baby Arm circles


Mosey to traffic circle

-20 Curb jumps

-20 Merkins

-20 Squats

-10 Irkins

-10 Dirkins

-20 Lunges

-10 Left hand on curb right hand on pavers Merkins

-10 Right hand on curb left hand on pavers Merkins

-20 Monkey Humpers

-10 Diamond Merkins


Mosey to Dead End

Sprint Followed by 10 Burpees

Sprint followed by 20 LBC

Sprint followed by 20 Mountain Climbers

Sprint followed by 10 Burpees


Mosey to Lake of Pain with black snake Indian run

Rail Road Tracks

Set #1 Planks

Set#2 Plank Jacks

Set#3 Shoulder Taps


Mosey to the Dock Of Death

-20 Dips

-20 Irkins

-20 Flutter Kicks

-20 Freddy Mercuries

-20 Dips

-20 Dirkins

-20 LBC

-20 American Hammers

-20 Dips


Mosey to the basketball courts

Set#1 60 seconds each

-Leg Raise


-Cinder Block Squats

-Ab Roller

-Battle Ropes

Set#2 60 seconds each

-Freddy Mercuries

-Cinder Block Bicep Curls


-Battle Ropes

Set#3 60 seconds each


-Cinder Block Over Head Press


-Battle Ropes



Prayers for Heisenbergs sister, Down Unders sister, No Skis family in Puerto Rico, Victims of Las Vegas. Also prayers for F3 The Shore and his family from Area51, as they grieve the loss of their son.



  • Great effort by everyone today. It was a tough workout but I didn’t beat you down. You beat yourselves down. Everyone made it such a great workout because of their own efforts and determination.
  • Welcome Castro our FNG. He tossed his Merlot but worked his way through it. So proud of him for have the guts an determination to stick it out. We are all happy you joined us today and we hope you continue working out with us!