BLOCK required for admittance to the PARTY!

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YHC hasn’t “Q” in awhile, whom am I kidding I barely Q, not sure why hoping 2021 changes that for me. YHC didn’t get much sleep as he was a bit stressed or nervous about the Q.

YHC informed the PAX to bring your BLOCK the night before to the beatdown. 14 men showed with 14 blocks, all 14 men finished but only 12 blocks made it to the end…

As YHC called out 2 minutes, he overheard @dillio ask @smokey  “Who’s on Q, @flattire?” He NEVER Q’s…

Quick disclaimer was given..


  • Cherry Pickers IC x 15
  • Baby Arm Circles IC x 15
  • Reverse Baby Arm Circles IC x 15
    • Side note at this time YHC noticed a few PAX laughing at the “voice inflection” so YHC did it in Spanish, Uno, dos, tres..
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 15
  • Merkins IC x 20 (YHC lost count and 15 came up so quickly, but couldn’t stop on an old number like 17, so 20 it is)

Mosey out of the courts heading to dead end circle, Mosey pass dead end circle on sidewalk, pass LLR pool area on sidewalk into the FOP, where the blocks were waiting for the PAX.


YHC at this point tried to get the attentioned of the PAX as there was lots to go over and memorize.

YHC mentioned

All exercises will be 25 reps and the hard way when appropriate.

You will be alternating between “Rifle Carry” and “Murder Bunny” between stops…oh they will be 10 STOP!!

At this point PAX eyes were glazed over and asked how can we remember,

YHC stated, Yes, is lots to remember and keep straight, but u know is 25 reps, alternating the block transfer (RC or MB), just need to remember the exercises, If u get lost just look in-front of u, or left and right, and behind u… at this point @Grouper states “Why behind me?” YHC in his mind replies…”I don’t sounded good..”


  1. on Sidewalk Goblet Squats x 25
    • Riffle Carry
  2. First Oak Tree Merkin-Block-Merkin x 25 (hard way)
    • Murder Bunny
  3. Second Oak Overhead Press x 25
    • Riffle Carry
  4. Third Oak Curls x 25
    • Murder Bunny
  5.  Fourth Oak Bend Over Rows x 25
    • Riffle Carry
  6. on Sidewalk Lunges x 25 (hard way)
    • Murder Bunny
  7. Pavilion #1 Dips x 25
    • Riffle Carry
  8. Pavilion #2 Derkins x 25
    • Murder Bunny
  9. PlayGround (@Vanellope stop) Pull-ups x 25 (not going to lie, this was tough as most PAX were mumble chatter, and sharing pull up bars)
    • Riffle Carry to gate
  10. Mosey to Sunlake corner and Mucho Chesto, previously YHC mentioned 2 sets would be done as we would come down the “escalator” but at this time YHC called audible and stated one set of Mucho Chesto.

On the way down 2 more Audibles were given for sake of time …well at least that was the little voice in YHC head saying. Lunges and Merkins were changed from x 25 to x 15.

About the time YHC got to Bend Over Rows he NEEDED water so he moseyed to his water bottle. YHC was dragging ASS this morning…maybe cause of lack of sleep.

@Urkel ended up busting his block after the Derkins on the way to the Dips

and @Dillio busted his on the way to curls or overhead press.

…that’s how we ended with 12 blocks…



  • New AO grand opening 12/2/2020 (tomorrow) at Starkey Ranch
  • Thursday is a VQ, so SHOW-UP and support.
  • This Saturday, 12/05/2020, the beatdown is moving to Bexley


Not much sharing from PAX today, maybe they were too cold as it was 48°F. Prayers went out to keeping everyone safe during this virus pandemic, for the blessing we all have and can share with others, and for @Haka as he puts on a great food drive and Meals on Wheels.