F3-Work Stations

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Back Blasts, General

QIC: Cricket
PAX POSTED: Goose,Grouper,Airstream,WaterBoy,Ikea,Madoff,Hitchhiker,Apnea,Chowdah,Belding,DBA

Mosey to round about on LLR Blvd:


Frankenstein ICX12

Cheery Pickers IC X 12

Tempo Squats  ICX12

Tappyty Tap Taps IC X 12

Baby Arm Circles IC X 10

Alarm Clock OYO 10

Mosey back to the court.

The Thang:

There are 12 stations set up with blocks, each station featuring an exercise card. PAX spend 45 seconds at each station, followed by a 10-second transition to move to the next station and continue with the exercise. This rotation continues until PAX complete all 12 exercises.

Mosey around Dog park and repeat above for 2 more times .

Prayers to DBA’s cousin .