As always I like to give a preview to let you know what you are in store for. Be a few minutes early to warm up on your own. Its a 45 minute workout and you will not be shortchanged lol.

Run from BB courts to Sunlake and back to first traffic circle.

At the circle





Plank Jacks


Run to dead end and to traffic circle



Monkey Humpers

Bobby Hurleys


Freddy Mercuries

American Hammers

Flutter kicks

Run back to BB courts

I will have 8 stations on each court for a total of 16 stations with various exercises.

35 seconds on and 15 seconds off.

Complete both stations and then a run around park back to BB courts

Turn cards over and do other exercises on both courts.

It will be hard work but it will be fun. Jump rope, slam ball, battle ropes,push up handles and weights all done under candle light! See you there!!!