So I have never done a pre blast before. So I thought I would give you the 411 for tomorrows beat down.

We start off with the burpee mile around the lake. We will Indian run and every 1/4 mile we will stop and do 12 burpees. The lake is 1.2 miles so we are stopping 5x for a total of 60 burpees.

Then at the bb courts we will run around the park stopping 4x (escalators). At stop 1 we will do 10 reps. Stop 2 10 reps and 20 reps. Stop 3 10 reps 20 reps 30 reps. Stop 4 10/20/30/40. Well when you go up an escalator you must come down. We will rinse and repeat in reverse.

Deck of death. Playing cards with the number corresponding to a particular exercise. The joker will be a run around the park. We will try to get through as many cards as possible.

We will have fun and try to stick together as a team.

See you in the AM!!!!!!!!