Beautiful Morning for @Castro’s sendoff. Some men back from spring break with extra gelato lbs…flag was planted and men went to work.


Inchworm x 10 OYO

3-way Mountain Climber x 3 OYO

1-Handed Mountain Climber x 10 each hand

Pike Press x 15 ( a little debate here on what F3 calls this exercise, still unsure, someone inform me please)

Tabata (20sec ON, 10sec OFF x 8 rounds) – Alternating knees to elbow planks, and sprint in place

The Thang:

We are running a 5k on April 14th, so YHC planned accordingly for training.

Starting in the parking lot, at the @Dillio mobile, we did the following:

10 Burpee, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins

Run Lap around Dog park and tennis courts back to start

9 Burpee, 9 Squats, 10 Merkins,

Run Lap


Captain Thor:

In a 1:4 ratio we performed Big Boy Sit-up and American Hammers from 1:4 to 10:40. The groaning and mumble chatter were prevalent.




Many men traveling this week, safe travels to all

Wish @castro the best on his new endeavors, he better come back to beat us down!



April 14th 5k, follow slack for details. We have some heavy recruiting to do.

GoRuck Challenge – June 1st – if interested let me know. 3 men now, would be great with more.

Whole life challenge – April 14th – if interested let me know, will be setting up a group this week

2nd F was a success! Thanks again @dba for coordinating the event.