Okay boys, looks like it may be a wet one tomorrow am so bring your swimmies and flippers 🙂  Remember F3 workouts are ALWAYS Rain or Shine so don’t shy away just because of a little Florida rain.  Hey, at least the temps will be in the 60’s which is NOT what we can say for Grand Rapids, Michigan as it’ll be just 30 degrees cooler when they post tomorrow!!!


To make things fun and enjoyable tomorrow, as if a good ole Saturday BeatDown brought to you by No-See-Um isn’t already fun enough……… there will be some games planned as well as team activities including but not limited to the following:


-> Name that movie 🙂 …….penalties for pax when they guess wrong!

-> A team relay event…….with penalties of course for the LOSERS!

-> And of course, there will be COUPONS…..muahahahahahaaaaaa!!!


So dust off those sneakers and put on some old workout gear that you don’t want to get destroyed tomorrow……CAUSE things could get nasty.  BUT it will be fun!!!


Until then, get a good night’s sleep and lay off those sugary snacks 🙂