QIC: No-See-Um

Pax (17): Apnea, Vanellope, Haka, Grouper, Belding, Cheesehead, CZ, Tebow, Seltzer, Hooker, Dillio, Noodle, FT, Smoggy, Wilson, Chowdah, No-See-Um


YHC in town for some July 4th fun and couldn’t pass up a chance to grab a Q spot. Little did he know that the Boneyard would be closed for the morning so all converged at The Ranch. 17 pax posted for a post-4th of July beatdown.
July 5th in History was the theme because, well…..that’s the best YHC could come up with, haha! After the welcome and disclaimer, time to get after it.


Mosey to the round about for some SSH, Hillbilly’s, Fire Hydrants, Frankenstein’s, Arm Circles, Covids
Finished off the warm-up with some Burpee Broad Jump’s around the roundabout….or something like that. Belding keeping YHC straight this am as the men did one burpee at each line and broad jumped in between.


On this day in history was the beatdown’s theme. After counting off by 2’s….“July 5, 1947” – Larry Doby became 2nd ever African American baseball player (first in AL) to break the color barrier….played for Cleveland Indians.
  • Indian Run (2 lines) w/ a Burpee at the back before sprinting….each pax went through twice until all ended up 3-4 light poles down Sunlake to the north.
July 5, 1971 – Voting age lowered from 21 to 18 when 26th amendment was ratified.
  • 18/21/26 – Bonnie Blairs/Merkins/LBC – x3 rounds – run in between.
July 5, 1946 – France – First ever Bikini introduced. Core work and other stuff :)…
  • Superman’s/Pickle Pointers/Pickle Pounders – w/ partner and P1 exercise and P2 lap. Missed you here DBA as a few of us were looking for that perfect form that you always display.
July 5, 1921 – Black Sox scandal as Chicago White Sox were accused of throwing the World Series. Shoeless Joe Jackson one of most famous players and idea was to do some hydro burpees in the shallow end of pool but could NOT get in. So to the dock instead and modified.  OH, and Joey Chestnut’s 15th Hot Dog Eating Title (Pushing past Rafael Nadal’s record of 14 French Open titles to hold the record of most championships at one event).
  • Burpees x5/Wall Sits – 3 rounds…with a partner and each pax did 15 total Burpees.
Plank Cycle (Heads, Shoulders, Knees, Toes and some other shit) x 10
Mary: Boxcutters, Dying Cockroaches, Freddie Mercuries.


  • Prayers for families in Chicago-shootings over he 4th weekend.
  • Pax traveling this week.
  • YHC’s M and new job in Boca (working remotely from Atlanta)


GrowRuck Cherokee – September 9-11
Already one HC (Hitchhiker) and several others have showed interest. Just DO IT….YOU can and will make it through and be such a stronger man for doing it!!!
Register here:


Absolutely a blast being back in the Nature Coast men and so awesome to see the growth. So many new faces out In The Gloom and continue to give it away.
Great seeing guys starting with the F3NC Nantan Grouper who was so gracious to host us to the Saturday night impromptu 2nd F where free massages were going around as much as the cold beer (thanks Rub-N-Tug :)). Golf outing Sunday where Flat Tire worked the Poker-Golf game like a pro to his advantage……..July 4th 90 minute ruck beatdown led by Hooker/Grouper…..And then this morning’s workout #ITG.
Keep it up men as so many awesome things happening with F3 and with each #HIM here. Sorry that I missed some guys, but you know I’ll be back!!