Tomorrow will be a big day as we kick off the month of July here at F3Lutz. July 1 marks the middle of the summer for the 2.0’s and will also officially be the start of our first monthly challenge for the Pax of F3Lutz – The Merkin Challenge!

The Merkin Challenge will be for the entire month of July and each Pax will enter their daily amounts via the Google Sheets that will be available on the F3Lutz website or in Slack. YHC hopes that all will want to participate as it will be fun to see how everyone is doing with their daily Merkin totals. Let us know if you will be taking part and No-Ski can add your name to the Google Sheets list.
The Goal for each Pax for the entire month…….7500! Goals are set high to make us all get stronger and strive to reach the mark, as lofty as it may seem. You can do it!!!


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Lastly, YHC wanted to incorporate a few new exercises in our July 1 workout to start the celebration off right for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. Sponge Bob will have a great one planned for Tuesday (the 4th) but YHC also wanted to get in on the fun. Be prepared for the Independence (or Freedom) Run which will be a slight variation to Jacob’s Ladder……this will help us all out on our Merkin total! YHC hopes to have enough Pax for some team relay’s with punishment at the end for the losing team.

And last but not least……….be ready to have a song stuck in your head for the rest of the weekend and possibly week. No, it will not be a patriotic song like you might think, but instead is named after another name for a Blossom. However, it seems to have nothing to do with the name of the song…….at least in YHC’s book. And the song will bring back all the pain and suffering from the Saturday morning beatdown here at #TheRanch!

Over & Out!