F3 men, tomorrow’s beat down will be one that I think will be a lot of fun! We will be doing some PT Testing to gauge our current fitness levels. It has been fun to watch men get fitter and stronger in their journey. My plan will be to do this again in 6 weeks to gauge progress. After the PT testing, I will beat you to a pulp in true Haka fashion.

Warmup: will be quick, get there early to do your own. You will need it.

Pushups: elbows must get to 90 degrees to count. partner will count. If you need to rest, you can rest in up position, i.e. no butt in the air or laying on the ground. Man up.

Squat: quads must get to parallel to ground to count. stand all the way up. partner will count.

Sit-ups: hands behind head, fingers interlocked, elbows must hit thighs/knees and shoulders to floor. partner will hold feet and count reps.

1-mile run: will start at the dead end of gloom, down sunlake to the corner of nightshade and sunlake (cow pasture and townhomes). Current time to beat, 7:13 set by our very young 47 year old @notoriousnyc. He will be out to beat it tomorrow! Cant wait.

Remaining time: you’ll have to post to find out.