Who will HC for Fat Tuesday tomorrow and come out for a big-time celebration??  The 100 Burpee Challenge is right around the corner (starting Sunday, March 1), and YHC can promise the pax that there will NOT be 100 burpees done tomorrow in the gloom!!!  


What will there be you ask?  Well, you gotta take that Daily Red Pill and post to find out……….however, it wouldn’t be a proper pre-blast without a few teasers.

  •  Some mosey
  •  A few Box Jumps
  •  A lil Ring around the Rosey (roundabout)
  •  And also some Playground fun mixed in 🙂


So slay that dragon, join YHC and your other F3 Lutz brothers for what will be a “CELEBRATION” (click on Celebration link) tomorrow at #TheRanch!