QIC: Miley

PAX: Norwood, Snippy, Big Papi, Waterboy, Vanellope, Vanilla Ice, Drago, Meatloaf, Boobie, Apnea, Solo, Goose

Chilly morning at The District with temps in the 40s. A little mumble chatter as 5:30 approaches. As YHC is about to call on the PAX to circle up, a figure is noticed moseying from the other end of the soccer fields. It turned out to be Solo who parked at the wrong end of the field and almost joined in on the ladies class.

PAX circled up and disclaimer was given. Vanellope informed YHC that we were one block short, so it was decided that we mosey on a mission to find some coupons… and warm up a little bit.

As we started the mosey, Goose arrived, also blockless, making it (2) blocks needed. Mosey continued to Lake Blanche Dr towards the elementary school construction. As PAX approached Lake Blanche, we see none other than Apnea turning the corner, right on time. Mosey continued to the round-about.

Warm up:

Windmills x 10 IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Tappity Tap Taps x 10 IC

Michael Phelps x 10 OYO

Overhead Claps x 10 IC

Seal Claps x 10 IC

Mosey back to flag. On the way back we happened to stumble upon some blocks waiting for us along the sidewalk. YHC and a few brave PAX grabbed them and hauled them back to the flag.

The Thang: 

A tribute to YHC favorite 2020 IronPax challenge: Week 4, Murder Bunny.

PAX lined up with their blocks. The following exercises were completed OYO

Burpee Block Jump Overs x 10

Murder Bunny 50′ (standing with block between your legs, slide block forward and hop, with hands on block entire time)

-was planned to be twice as far, but a YHC made a quick audible after remembering how intense the Murder Bunny was about 5′ into it

Thrusters x 25

Carry block back to start

Burpee Block Jump Overs x 10

Murder Bunny 50′

Merkins on block alternating hand on block with each rep x 50

-was initially 50 each side, but another audible to 50 total

Carry block back to start

Burpee Block Jump Overs x 10

Murder Bunny 50′

Curl Press x 75

Carry block back to start

Burpee Block Jump Overs x 10

Murder Bunny 50′

Vertical Block Windshield Wipers x 100

Carry block back to start

Burpee Block Jump Overs x 10

Early finishers got in a set of Bruce Lees while waiting on the six, bringing us right to 6:15.



Grateful for Norwood and his family’s recovery from Covid

Grateful that Big Papi made it back from vacation safe and Covid free

TAPs for Tom Brady were requested by Boobie

TAPs for our 2.0s as they return to school after the holiday break



Welcome Drago, a transfer from F3 Nashville. Great to see you already posting after just moving to the area a few days ago.

Nutrition challenge is starting this coming Monday. Be sure to get all those junk food cravings out of the way while you can. I had a great experience with it last year, and have been looking forward to it this year to get my diet back on track.